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Visit.org is an online marketplace for tours and activities that benefit communities. Visitors add immersive local experiences to their existing travel itineraries. Social organizations raise awareness and revenue for their causes.


    To enhance the mission of great social organizations and increase public knowledge of and engagement with society’s needs by facilitating mutually-beneficial, in-person encounters between people and communities around the world.


    Each organization offers a tour unique to its rich history, mission, expertise, and surroundings, while respecting local culture and honoring the dignity of community members. Tours usually include one or more of the following: (1) A presentation of the organization’s work (examples: a lecture given by a staff member or a community representative; a guided tour of physical surroundings). (2) Interaction with the community (examples: preparing and sharing an authentic meal; touring historic and diverse urban neighborhoods; participating in craft production with local artisans). (3) Professional workshop targeted at professionals or students who are working or training in similar fields.

  • HOW

    Social impact organizations register with us online. Once we confirm that an org fits our vetting criteria, we post their offering(s) on visit.org. Users are able to search for visit opportunities based on location, time, and issue area, and can sign up for tours as individuals or in groups. We channel tour proceeds directly to the hosting organization for investment in future projects and community programming.


    Globally, we have identified over 50,000 community-based organizations that can offer unique, engaging visit experiences but have no centralizing marketplace to promote them. Exposure on our platform generates millions of dollars in income for organizations and their causes, and connects them with new audiences. In addition to providing efficient program management, access to and utilization of our technology creates opportunities for participating organizations to participate in the global economy in new and exciting ways.


    We are a social impact business. During our beta period our services are free for all. In the future we will start collecting a small fee on tour bookings processed through our platform.

  • WHO

    We are an international team hailing from all corners of the world, joined in our shared belief that human connection and experiential learning are the most effective ways to inspire public knowledge and engagement. Our richest travel experiences have been those spent with local communities and their members. We built visit.org so that our friends, families, and anyone inspired by human interaction can easily access and enjoy similar encounters.

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