Brooke Harmke
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Back to School: How Your Company Can Support NYC Children’s Education

Looking for ways that your company can give back to New York City? Support those who are the future of it! The new school year is just around the corner, and there are so many ways that corporate teams can support the NYC students from challenging backgrounds.

Whether it is through exposing students to your career field or enhancing hallways with pops of color, your team can empower NYC youth to take the classroom with confidence this fall – because all children deserve a great education.

Here is a list of corporate volunteering ideas your team can get involved with to make this school year a great one for NYC students.

Transform NYC schools by painting with students

If you believe that financial status should not affect children having a safe and welcoming learning environment, this experience is for you. Use the power of color and design to make an impact as you paint NYC public schools in this beautification project. Make the schools of children as bright as their futures through a fun afternoon of art, because every child is deserving of an invigorating learning space that they look forward to attending.

Host a STEM field trip at your office

While there should not be a correlation between income and success, the truth is that children from lower income families tend to have less access to opportunity than other children. Break down this barrier for students in need by hosting a field trip to your office where they will learn about and be exposed to the STEM career fields. Through sharing your personal stories of success and providing them with hands-on activities, your team will not only give children the chance to explore career fields that they otherwise may not have had exposure to, but also the empowerment that they too can be a part of the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Mentor a Shark Tank-style student business competition

Show underserved students that they have just as much potential as anyone else to turn their great ideas into reality by serving as a mentor in this Shark Tank-style competition. This is a fun and competitive activity that introduces students to the possibility of a future in entrepreneurship while allowing them to recognize and hone their creativity and innovation skills. As you use your professional insight to work with eager students on the processes of business and marketing, you will act as a role model for underserved students and show them that the business world is within their grasp.

Organize a school supply drive

Backpacks and pencils may seem like essential items that every student has, but the unfortunate reality is that not every student does. Your team can change that through hosting a school supply drive and collecting necessary classroom supplies, providing children with the tools they need so they can focus on having a successful school year.

Financial status should not determine which students have access to opportunity and success, and through these experiences, your team can make sure that it won’t this school year. If you are interested in getting involved in these activities and finding even more valuable ways that your team can support children’s education from the workplace, can help! Email to get started.

Cover photo credit: Nesa by Makers