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This Social Enterprise Supports Black Women Artists & Other BIPOC Performers of Marginalized Genders

Pauline Lacanilao Arnould
In Full Color is a Visit.org partner organization that empowers women of color and other BIPOC of marginalized genders through education and the arts. They give these creators the opportunity to share their stories in their own voices, no matter their chosen art form — theater, dance, music an...Read more
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corporate social responsibility, team building activities

How Corporate Teams Can Help Provide Refugees with a Sustainable Livelihood

Annie Barrett
Since 2015, the social enterprise NaTakallam has helped displaced migrants make a sustainable living as online tutors, teachers, language partners, and translators. In fact, in less than five years, the language partners of the organization, whose name translates to “We Speak” in Arabic, have ea...Read more
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Corporate Volunteers Helped Mobilize Arizona Voters Through This Visit.org Activity

Chinmay Rastogi
While the global pandemic has disrupted many aspects of life, the need to give back to the community and help others remains just as strong. Even at work, individuals continue to seek opportunities to contribute to causes they care about. In fact, with the support of their companies, employees are f...Read more
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