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Corporate Volunteers Helped Mobilize Arizona Voters Through This Visit.org Activity

Chinmay Rastogi
While the global pandemic has disrupted many aspects of life, the need to give back to the community and help others remains just as strong. Even at work, individuals continue to seek opportunities to contribute to causes they care about. In fact, with the support of their companies, employees are f...Read more
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diversity & inclusion, virtual team building

How One Social Enterprise Advances Diversity & Inclusion Remotely By Giving Employment Opportunities to People Coming Out of the Prison System 

Coss Marte, the founder of social enterprise ConBody, has always been about advocating for diversity and inclusion, especially in the professional realm. Before the 2020 pandemic, Marte did this by offering an in-person prison-style fitness bootcamp taught by formerly incarcerated individuals at Con...Read more
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company culture, remote volunteering, virtual team building

How to Overcome Zoom Fatigue & Engage Your Employees During Covid-19

Christina Im
In the Covid-19 era of remote work, video chat platforms like Zoom have become the name of the game, both during and outside work hours. In particular, they’ve become the new venue for the frontier of virtual employee engagement. With new venues, however, come new challenges. In this case, many of...Read more
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Black History, education, Nonprofits

How One NYC Nonprofit Commemorates Juneteenth—and Its Importance for Our Current Moment

Christina Im
In America, June 19 is Juneteenth, a national celebration marking the day that the last enslaved Black Americans were freed in 1865—two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed. Many Black communities across the nation have observed the day for generations, often with food, ...Read more
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