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Why Social Impact Experiences Should Cater to Millennials (And How to Do It!)

The corporate world is quickly catching on to the needs and values of the growing millennial workforce. In order to attract, engage, and retain employees of this generation, Forbes.com says that businesses must be aware of their desire to be involved with philanthropic causes. This means that orgs, like yours, already have an entire generation of customers eager to support…

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Expert Advice: Why Sustainable Tourism Matters

Jean-Philippe Platroz is one of the most-travelled people in the world. Having visited 170 countries and territories, he ranks #3 in his home country of France. Recently retired, he spent the past 38 years working in the travel industry. Now, his foremost priority is spreading the word about sustainable tourism. He spends his time on Adamandia, a passion project to…

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What are ‘Do-Good’ Organizations?

Visit.org is the world’s largest platform for impact travel experiences hosted by do-good organizations. But what exactly is a do-good organization? The short answer is that our partners consist of non-profit organizations, NGOs, community-based cooperatives, social enterprises, museums, schools, and more. This means that the host of each of our experiences serves a good cause — which ranges from  helping people,…

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